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This report is a shallow dive into unexploded ordnance (UXO), landmines which is a sub-area within Global Health and Development. This report reflects approximately 40-50 hours of research and is informed by a 6-month internship I did with the programme and donor relations section of the United Nations Mine Action Service in the fall of 2021. The report offers a brief dive into whether we think a particular problem area is a promising area for either funders or founders to be working in. Being a shallow report, should be used to decide whether or not more research and work into a particular problem area should be prioritised.

(0:00:30) - Summary
(0:02:26) - What is the problem?
(0:05:03) - Whom does it affect and at what point in their lives?
(0:12:44) - What is the causal pathway through which this issue affects health/income/well-being and how big are those effects?
(0:14:20) - History of the problem

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Posted to the Effective Altruism Forum on March 3rd 2023.

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