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Our embed player is the best way to add narrations and other audio to your web pages. Just copy-paste the embed code.

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Embed an MP3


  author="Nick Bostrom"
  title="Base Camp for Mount Ethics"

Customise player style

  author="80,000 Hours"
  title="Preventing an AI-related catastrophe"
  primary-font-family="'museo-sans','Helvetica Neue',Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif"

Embed a narration (coming soon)

To embed a TYPE III AUDIO narration, just add the embed code with no custom parameters.

When your web page loads, the embed player will:

  1. Query the TYPE III AUDIO narration database for the current page URL.
  2. If a narration is found, load that narration.
  3. If a narration is not found, generate a narration via our "fully automatic" narration pipeline.

It's that easy.

N.B. To embed narrations, your domain must be registered as a TYPE III AUDIO client.


WordPress plugin

Install our WordPress plugin to enable the [type_3_player] shortcode.

Use the shortcode as follows:

[type_3_player mp3-url="" author="Nick Bostrom" title="Base Camp for Mount Ethics"]

You can use any of the attributes listed below.

The shortcode loads JavaScript automatically, so there's no need to manually load player.js.

Attribute reference

mp3-urlstringurl to mp3 audio file
authorstringauthor name
titlestringepisode name
cover-image-urlstringlogo image
background-colorcss color stringbackground color (default #FEFCE8)
primary-colorcss color stringtext color, fill slider color, controls icon color (default black)
secondary-colorcss color stringwaveform color
accent-colorcss color stringthe left hand side of the wave form color and play button color
primary-font-familycss font family stringtypeface used for the episode title
primary-font-weightcss font family stringfont weight for the episode title
secondary-font-familycss font family stringtypeface used for the author title
secondary-font-weightcss font family stringfont weight for the author title
t3a-logobooleanhides t3a logo if value is "false"
subscribe-url--googlestringgoogle podcast url
subscribe-url--applestringapple podcast url
subscribe-url--spotifystringspotify url
subscribe-url--podcast-addictstringpodcast addict podcast url
subscribe-url--rssstringrss feed url
(soon) library-urlstringlink for the "View in library" button

When the player loads, it will search your entire page for timestamps in the format [HH:MM:SS]. These timestamp will become links. When clicked, those links will seek the player to the timestamp and start playback.

Analytics events

Player will send events to window.gtag (gtag("event", event.type, event)) and (analytics.track(event.type, event)) if available

Events sent:

Event typeAttributesFired
playtype, episodeTitle, currentPlaybackPosition, playbackSpeedwhen player starts playing
continued-playingtype, episodeTitle, currentPlaybackPosition, playbackSpeedwhen player plays without interruption for 30 sec
sharetype, episodeTitlewhen share button is clicked
subscribetype, episodeTitle, urlwhen subscribe button is clicked

Custom analytics handler

Player will send the same events to window.t3aAnalytics (window.t3aAnalytics(event.type, event)). If the window.t3aAnalytics is defined and its a function.

Questions? Suggestions?

You are using the beta version of the TYPE III EMBED player. See our roadmap and ideas backlog to get a sense of what's to come. What would you like us to build next?

Improvements to the player will be released automatically: you won't need to update your embed code.

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